Endpoint Security

The starting point for next-gen safety

In the past, most cyberattacks came through the organization’s network. Nowadays, those attacks are increasingly aimed at endpoints because employees have access to their network and applications anytime, anywhere.

Each of those endpoints, end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, represents a potential entry point for cybercriminals. In fact, 90% of data breaches are caused by human error using these endpoints.

Endpoint security refers to a method of securing endpoints to protect against malicious attacks from entering the business network. It is designed to secure each point of entry to the network. As a result, all types of access point can be monitored, giving the organization more control.

Your benefits and how we can help you out

  • Military-grade Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV), real-time monitoring
  • Complete endpoint protection and detection with very fast response times
  • The starting point for improving the performance of your overall IT infrastructure
  • Certified professionals with many years of experience and knowledge
  • Full Legal Trails – forensic investigations after incidents no longer necessary
  • Seamless integration with SIEM tools
  • 24/7 preventive management and rapid response from Kahuna’s Security Operations Centers, our ISO 27001-certified digital security control rooms in Amersfoort and Valencia, in case of attacks
How we help

Kahuna has adopted a different approach to endpoint security: combine real-time monitoring with system management and big data analytics. We provide multiple solutions based on the whole attack spectrum from A to Z.

This includes prevention such as anti-malware and anti-virus to full-blown threat hunting on several types of devices, clients, applications, and servers.

Kahuna offers a security infrastructure from which we or our customers can manage endpoint security policies, review security events, and perform additional log analysis. Several so-called endpoint agents will be installed on machines and servers that are automatically connected and secured to enforce security policies and report to management service upon detecting a threat.

Another big advantage of our approach is that each endpoint provides insight into the system’s overall health: installed versions and patches, configuration settings, etc. System administrators can increase the quality of the entire infrastructure based on this information, which increases operational reliability.

What kind of Managed Security Services do we offer for Endpoint Security?

We use the risk data to define your business’ IT security needs. Although every company is different, many organizations face similar business risks. Our standard services help eliminate up to 80% of your risks.

  • If you want to eliminate even more risks, we provide you with our expertise to design ‘scenario-based use cases’ to reduce every information security risk to an acceptable level. Based on your needs, risks, and the current landscape we can provide you with the desired managed SOC services. However, this is not a one-way street; these services require dedication and motivation from both ends.
  • Every service comes with a core team of experts consisting of service delivery, security experts, security analysts, and others, supported by Kahuna management to maintain high-quality service as long as your MSSP contract is with us.
  • The end result is a service that’s tailored to your business with reporting that meets the needs of whoever receives it – whether strategic, tactical, or operational. Our SOC service is flexible and scalable every month, meaning you only pay for what you use.

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Pasqualle Verwoerdt
Pasqualle Verwoerdt

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