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To ensure sensitive data is protected, encryption and key management are critical. This is the case whether you’re storing data in a physical data center, a private or public cloud, or in a third-party storage application.

According to a Ponemon Institute study in 2019, encryption for data protection is on the rise. Half of the organizations in the study implement a consistent and enterprise-wide strategy of encryption security, more than 60% of organizations have more than six encryption products, and 73% rated policy enforcement as the most important benefit of encryption.

Encryption is a form of data security by which specific information is converted into a secret code so only the sender and receiver can read the message. The message will be scrambled and put in a generated key, which only the recipient can unlock. It is a method to help protect valuable data, communicate in a safe environment, and prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the information.

The most important success factor for encryption projects is proper and centralized key management

Your benefits and how we can help you out

  • Next to preventing the breach, we also focus on securing the breach
  • Transparent encryption
  • Aligning the encryption and key management with your information policy
  • The best technologies and solutions for encryption as well as certificate and key management
Encryption is the first line of defense against the unauthorized use of data.

If encrypted information ends up in the public domain, the damage is limited when encryption keys are safe. Encryption is complex, not only technically but also practically. You need to ask yourself:

  • Which crown jewels need to be encrypted?
  • Who needs to access them?
  • Which policies apply to certificate and key management?
  • How do you ensure consistent adherence to the encryption policy?
  • What do you do with external partners who also have to work with the encrypted data?
  • How strong does your encryption algorithm need to be when coming to a future-proof solution?
  • How long do key lengths have to be in order to be ready for the future?

Kahuna offers encryption solutions, key management, and role-based access control for structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files, and storage containers. With centralized key management and a hardened root of trust, enterprises can ensure their master keys are protected and data remains secure.

What kind of Managed Security Services do we offer for Encryption & Key Management?

We use the risk data to define your business’ IT security needs. Although every company is different, many organizations face similar business risks. Our standard services help eliminate up to 80% of your risks.

  • If you want to eliminate even more risks, we provide you with our expertise to design ‘scenario-based use cases’ to reduce every information security risk to an acceptable level. Based on your needs, risks, and the current landscape, we can provide you with the desired managed SOC services. However, this is not a one-way street; these services require dedication and motivation from both ends.
  • Every service comes with a core team of experts consisting of service delivery, security experts, security analysts, and others, supported by Kahuna management to maintain high-quality service as long as your MSSP contract is with us.
  • The end result is a service that’s tailored to your business with reporting that meets the needs of whoever receives it – whether strategic, tactical, or operational. Our SOC service is flexible and scalable every month, meaning you only pay for what you use.

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