Email Security

The biggest cause of data breaches

A large proportion of data breaches are caused by human error when using e-mail. Meanwhile, due to the BYOD trend, the employees of most organisations have access to the business e-mail from their private devices. Do you see the connection? (Bitglass, 2020)

As attacks become increasingly sophisticated, standard e-mail security is losing its effectiveness. Only a few organizations have an advanced email security policy. If you haven’t taken appropriate security measures, this makes you a target for cyberattacks and leaves you open to the malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks used to break into your corporate network and steal your sensitive information.

Encryption and e-mail authentication are effective in preventing unauthorized access to the information in the email. These have been combined in the DMARC protocol to maximize the security of both methods. In addition, an e-mail gateway is effective at scanning all incoming and outgoing e-mails to block potential threats.

Your benefits and how we can help you out

  • Protection against spam, phishing, and ransomware attacks via e-mail
  • Establishing and enforcing policies for information sharing
  • Compliance related to e-mail security
  • 24/7 preventive management and rapid response in case of attacks from our ISO 27001- certified SOCs in Amersfoort and Valencia
How we help

Helping you with e-mail security often requires a customer-specific approach. However, there are some basic tips and tricks to be aware of:

  • Always check the sender: a strange e-mail address is often a clue to help you recognize phishing. The section after the @ sign should end with the domain name. Good: Bad:
  • Never open any link or attachment unless youre sure it’s safe: malicious links or attachments can contain malware such as zip, .exe, .js, .lnk, .wsf, .scr, and .jar.
  • Never give out your personal information.
  • A password manager can be useful: it stores multiple passwords for different websites. Criminals cannot enter all your accounts with one password.
  • Beware of language mistakes: phishing e-mails often contain language and typing errors.
  • Non-personal salutation: beware of salutations such as ¨esteemed customer¨ or ¨esteemed relation¨.
  • Check whether you are already a customer or have signed up for something, won auctions, and so on. If in doubt, report it to your IT department.

What kind of Managed Security Services do we offer for Email Security?

We use the risk data to define your business’ IT security needs. Although every company is different, many organizations face similar business risks. Our standard services help eliminate up to 80% of your risks.

  • If you want to eliminate even more risks, we provide you with our expertise to design ‘scenario-based use cases’ to reduce every information security risk to an acceptable level. Based on your needs, risks, and the current landscape we can provide you with the desired managed SOC services. However, this is not a one-way street; these services require dedication and motivation from both ends.
  • Every service comes with a core team of experts consisting of service delivery, security experts, security analysts, and others, supported by Kahuna management to maintain high-quality service as long as your MSSP contract is with us.
  • The end result is a service that’s tailored to your business with reporting that meets the needs of whoever receives it – whether strategic, tactical, or operational. Our SOC service is flexible and scalable every month, meaning you only pay for what you use.

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Pasqualle Verwoerdt

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