Cyberthreat Intelligence

The basic need for effective cybersecurity

Cyberthreat intelligence, the collection, analysis and sharing of threat and attack information, is an essential component when it comes to detecting complex threats and reducing overall risk. Threat intelligence enhances detection, facilitates threat hunting, and enables you to make informed decisions around remediation.

Automation and collaboration are vital elements in an effective Cyberthreat Intelligence approach. Collaborating and sharing crucial information with you, the client, with partners, competitors and the government. Organizations use Cyberthreat Intelligence to identify and analyze certain cyber threats that are aimed at their business. They obtain valuable knowledge about the threats to spot problems which can have a major impact on their company. Afterwards, they use this knowledge to prepare, prevent and identify future threats and build effective defense mechanisms.

Your benefits and how we can help you out

  • Standardized, exchangeable information (STIX/TAXII)
  • Useful outcomes in real-time and automated
  • Higher-quality cybersecurity and proactive approach to future cybersecurity threats
  • Up-to-date threat information, including methods, vulnerabilities, targets, and bad actors
  • Multidisciplinary sources (hacktivists, cybercriminals, and nation states)
  • Keep leaders, stakeholders, and users informed about the latest threats and repercussions they could have on the business.
How we help

Kahuna’s Cyberthreat Intelligence provides usable information that greatly increases the quality and speed of your security.

Kahuna’s Cyberthreat Intelligence service gathers information from open sources, commercial suppliers, partners, and affiliations. Our analysts present useful practical information that greatly increases the operational speed, efficiency, and capacity in organizing our clients’ security.

In recent years, Cyberthreat Intelligence has evolved from small and ad hoc-based tasks to complex programs with dedicated staff and tools. Almost half of the organizations have a team dedicated to Cyberthreat Intelligence and more than 80% have some sort of recourse focused on Cyberthreat Intelligence and are part of a coordinated security policy.

What kind of Managed Security Services do we offer for Cyberthreat Intelligence?

We use the risk data to define your business’ IT security needs. Although every company is different, many organizations face similar business risks. Our standard services help eliminate up to 80% of your risks.

  • If you want to eliminate even more risks, we provide you with our expertise to design ‘scenario-based use cases’ to reduce every information security risk to an acceptable level. Based on your needs, risks, and the current landscape we can provide you with the desired managed SOC services. However, this is not a one-way street; these services require dedication and motivation from both ends.
  • Every service comes with a core team of experts consisting of service delivery, security experts, security analysts, and others, supported by Kahuna management to maintain high-quality service as long as your MSSP contract is with us.
  • The end result is a service that’s tailored to your business with reporting that meets the needs of whoever receives it – whether strategic, tactical, or operational. Our SOC service is flexible and scalable every month, meaning you only pay for what you use.

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Pasqualle Verwoerdt
Pasqualle Verwoerdt

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