Authentication Solutions

Authentication Solutions

Authentication solutions are a well-established way to improve secure access to applications, systems, and devices. They come in various shapes and sizes, as a device or a (mobile) application. The choice of platform and level of security depends on the applications and data that need to be protected.

We allow customers to address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors with unified, centrally managed policies – managed from one authentication backend delivered in the cloud or on-premise.

All authentication methods are available in several form factors, including smart card, USB token, software, mobile app, and hardware tokens:

  • Certificate-Based USB Authentication Tokens
  • Certificate-Based Smart Cards
  • Single Sign-On
  • One-Time Password
  • Pattern-Based Authentication
  • Mobile Phone & Software Authentication

Your benefits and how we can help you out

  • The best price/performance ratio for licenses and management
  • Proven quality in approach and management
  • The best balance between security and ease of use
  • Fully Automated Management
  • Broad choice of 2FA Methods and Tokens
  • Broad Integration system
  • Cloud efficiencies
  • Standards-based security (ISO 27001, AICPA SOC-2, FIPS 140-2, DSKPP)
How we can help

Kahuna was the world’s first organization to offer hosted tokens. We know how to effectively organize, roll out, and internationally manage enterprise token authentication.

Authentication as a Service (AaaS) enables organizations to easily apply multi-factor authentication to secure access to any application, from any device, anywhere.

The right choice can save significant costs. Token management, a completely different kettle of fish, needs to be managed the right way. People can lose or forget their credentials. Therefore, outsourcing their management to a specialized partner is a safer option.

Also note, commodities as tokens require comprehensive policies and efficient management

What kind of Managed Security Services do we offer for Authentication Solutions?

We use the risk data to define your business’ IT security needs. Although every company is different, many organizations face similar business risks. Our standard services help eliminate up to 80% of your risks.

  • If you want to eliminate even more risks, we provide you with our expertise to design ‘scenario-based use cases’ to reduce every information security risk to an acceptable level. Based on your needs, risks, and the current landscape, we can provide you with the desired managed SOC services. However, this is not a one-way street; these services require dedication and motivation from both ends.
  • Every service comes with a core team of experts consisting of service delivery, security experts, security analysts, and others, supported by Kahuna management to maintain high-quality service as long as your MSSP contract is with us.
  • The end result is a service that’s tailored to your business with reporting that meets the needs of whoever receives it – whether strategic, tactical, or operational. Our SOC service is flexible and scalable every month, meaning you only pay for what you use.

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