Managed SOC Services

Why a Risk-based Managed SOC service?

Risk-based security services provide insight into the added value of security investments and give an understanding of the risks you are facing and how to address them.

For more than a decade, we have witnessed SOC services struggling and SIEM projects failing. We see ineffective services, budgets being exceeded, and managers being frustrated about the added value. It took us (MSSP for more than 20 years) some time to evolve into what we are now.

If you are not familiar with your business risks, there is no factual way to determine what to monitor and what to prevent from happening. The lack of clarity around risk and the ‘information need’ makes it hard to determine the right log sources. This often results in too much data and the relevant data (IoE and IoC) getting lost in the noise.

With this service, you get the best of three worlds:

  1. Your knowledge about your company and associated risks;
  2. The expertise of our information security specialists, SOC analysts, and incident handlers; and
  3. Best-in-class technology.

Every Managed Security Service comes with:

  • 5×13 and 24×7 risk-based security services instead of a one-size-fits-all product
  • Faster response to incidents (closing the gap between detection and response)
  • Active security monitoring on cyber threats and risky events
  • Value-added reports tailored to the required stakeholders
  • Scale-up and -down per month and paying for what you get
  • A multilingual organization that’s ISO-certified on all locations (HQ Amersfoort, SOC Valencia and Amersfoort, and branch office Antwerp)
Pasqualle Verwoerdt
Pasqualle Verwoerdt

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How do the results differ from the traditional way of performing SOC services?

The end result is a service tailored to your business with reporting aligned to the receiving parties – whether strategic, tactical, or operational.

Steven Covey once said ‘Always start with the end in mind’, and he couldn’t be more right. This is why Kahuna delivers a structured and efficient risk-based approach toward security monitoring, detection, and response. We call it Business Threat Control.

Every step contributes to the design of effective use cases that provide the right outcome, whether it is a report, a dashboard, or the trigger for a playbook. Our Managed Security and SOC services come with a core team of experts in service delivery, security monitoring, security analytics, and incident response and are always supported by Kahuna management to maintain the highest service standards.

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