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Some challenges in your network or cloud security environment need deeper knowledge and understanding of the technology at hand.

Many customers nowadays have a team of network and security experts in place. This basically makes a full managed services an unfeasible option.

However, there will always be circumstances where you do need an extra pair of hands or more extensive knowledge of the technology. Specifically for those organizations, we have crafted our Kahuna Support services starting at 5×13 until 24×7 and everything in between is customizable for your specific needs.

Pasqualle Verwoerdt
Pasqualle Verwoerdt

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Kahuna’s professional service team provides customizable value-added support services.

Our team of seasoned experts provides the support and personal attention you deserve and probably will not find directly at your vendor. To retain the high level of partner status with our vendors we need to constantly invest in the knowledge of our people on the specific technology.

For you, as a support customer, this means that you always get completely certified and experience (support) engineers.

This list provides an overview of items we can tailor for your organization. Which we always capture in clear SLAs.

  • 5x13 or 24x7 support
  • Health checks and operational performance monitoring
  • Response and repair time windows
  • Reporting
  • Operational Training Class
  • Ticketing dashboards
  • Request for moves, adds an changes

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