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Organizations often prefer to spend money on things that generate returns rather than on things that appear to only cost. That’s unfortunate for two reasons: cyber threats are not getting smaller, and good security can be worth a lot of money. Having proper business security on all levels can improve the quality of your service and help you comply with applicable guidelines and standards.

Good policy and clear risk management procedure contribute to this by ensuring management understand the risks and threats. Technical staff often get caught up in jargon while the other members of the decision-making unit expect a business case in economic terms showing costs and revenues. That’s what they need in order to make decisions and justify those choices to investors.

Your organization has to meet more and more demands from more and more parties. Legislators, regulators, industry associations, customers, and your own management want to see that your organization is in control of its information security. Fortunately, there is good technology available to efficiently and effectively meet any guidelines your organization is facing. And there can be a lot of guidelines, depending on the sector and the business. Examples can include ISO27001, PCI-DDS, GDPR, or BIG/BIR/BIWA, NEN7510, and many more.

Another challenge is that most attacks on systems and data leakage are the result of human error. Usually, the employees are not aware of any harm or they underestimate the risks of their behavior. A good awareness campaign and the right training courses play an important part in minimizing this risk, especially for employees who normally have little to do with information security.

How we help you out and what we do

Kahuna Business Security Consultancy helps your organization by advising on general information security and compliance issues.

With an experienced business, consultants can begin short but wide-ranging projects. Depending on the question, consultants use the recommended working methods and information security methodologies. They will match these recommendations with your organization’s existing methods as much as possible but will advise on other methods where necessary. They are also familiar with national and international frameworks such as NEN7510, ISO 27001, AVG, BIG, and BIR, and help your organization comply with these standards. Our consultants can help with all processes from risk inventory to the implementation of control measures.

What we do

  • Guidance ISO27001/NEN7510 certification
  • Compliance services audits
  • Risk assessments and impact analyses
  • Clear and usable reports
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Policy documentation and procedures
Pasqualle Verwoerdt
Pasqualle Verwoerdt

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Kahuna provides a range of business security consultancy services, which can ensure you have a sustainable data security strategy at all levels.

Kahuna knows the most important aspects of business consultancy and has a team of specialists who know what your organization needs. We find what your business needs and map the maturity of your organization before selecting the right tools for the job.

We then use best practices to provide the best, most efficient solution to your problems, whether they relate to awareness, policy, compliance, or data security. Kahuna carries out risk and impact analyses to justify the right investment applications and has a proven approach to anchoring security awareness, realizing behavioral change, and setting up and implementing policy and related management measures.

Other things we do include:

  • Being the sounding board on business security at all levels;
  • Providing efficient compliance;
  • Bringing compliance and security together; and
  • Offering the best tools and the best people.

IT security and information solutions for business, government, and critical infrastructure.

Internet Security

Internet Security

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Infra & Network Protection

Infra & Network Protection

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