Kahuna Events

We like to stay in touch with you and therefore invite you to attend one of our upcoming events. The place where we share knowledge with each other while enjoying a bite and drink. There is plenty of choice between virtual and physical activities and business and technical oriented events. 

Not only our personal lives but also the business world has changed dramatically due to the coronavirus. We now work even more often remotely and with different devices. Your business network must, therefore, be safe, flexible, and clear. Without fuss, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Cyber incidents can have a huge impact on your organization. During Kahana events, we deal in a practical way with various topics that increase the cyber resilience of companies. The informal atmosphere during these events allows companies to share their experiences and exchange knowledge.


Upcoming Events – Save The Date

Kahuna Tech Summit
CIO Networking Lunch
Kahuna SOC Visit

Kahuna Tech Summit - The Netherlands

5 vendors, 15 workshops, 3-time slots

At the scene of Fort Lent’s vaults, 5 vendors will battle for your participation in one of their three workshops presented to the audience.

CIO Networking Lunch - Belgium

Time to take stock.

During a networking lunch in Antwerp a select group of CIOs and IT directors get the opportunity to discuss and debate topics and challenges in their business related to Covid-19.

Kahuna SOC Visit - Spain

Take a deep dive and see what is under the hood in our SOC.

Get a unique chance to see Kahuna’s vision on cybersecurity and commitment to excellence.

Patch the Cloud
Pre-Olympic Sportclinic
KESC 2021

Patch the Cloud - The Netherlands

Fix your cloud before it becomes clouded!

Join us in ‘De Kuip’ to listen and learn more about what Qualys can help you with.

Kahuna Pre-Olympic Sportsclinic - The Netherlands

Get a true Olympic feeling and the corresponding muscle pain!

Join us at the Papendal Sportscentre to network with cybersecurity experts while surrounding yourself with an Olympic atmosphere.

Kahuna European Security Conference 2021

Looking for an efficient and effective way to get up-to-speed on cybersecurity?

Join us at our upcoming event KESC 2021 on September 07 – 10 in Valencia, Spain.
Learn how to keep your users and sensitive data secure with our 4-days conference and 20 hours of ‘deep dive’ informational security sessions.