Case Studies

Kahuna Case Studies

As Kahunas we are happy whenever we can help an organization become more safe. Luckily there are some stories we can tell you where we managed to do so and we will share them with you here. 

Cyber incidents can have a huge impact on your organization. However, nowadays it is a huge job to protect against all threats. With the Kahuna Case Studies below we want to show you how Kahuna was able to help companies to identify and understand their threats and help them become more secure as an organization.

Those documents are meant to give you an idea of how Kahuna works and why other organizations choose to work with us.


Case Study – Intertrust Group

Why do big international companies choose to work with Kahuna Managing Security? We could come up with many different reasons ourselves, but let’s just ask one of our clients what made them decide to work with us. In this testimonial, we interviewed Besarion Makhatadze, Senior Information Security Consultant at Intertrust Group.