Staying ahead of your attackers

Adversaries nowadays are highly skilled, highly motivated, well-organized, and well-funded. Their motives range from information theft for financial gain, political gain to warfare and destruction. The stakes are high and therefore your organization’s security should be on point.  

When we outline the current situationwe see a lot of companies using old, mostly prevention-based solutions like antivirus, old-school SIEM, and firewallsThey often use fact-based rules which makes it probable scenarios are missed out. This didn’t help prevent the immense growth of sophisticated malware and ransomware. Even worse, these bunch of old technologies generate alarm fatigueCybercriminals use this, for instance by creating a lot of malicious traffic, which generates an overdose of alarms so that the alarms triggered by the real attack aren’t seen by the analysts.  

Organizations have to catch up fast on all fronts in a rapidly changing environment, where knowledge, technology, policies, and regulations are evolving almost daily. To ensure this, it is a good idea to have ‘threat hunting’ as a part of the security specialists’ daily job. They need to actively search for IOCs in the environment to see if something malicious or unwanted is going on within the infrastructure. The issue is that security experts are expensive and scarce. Therefore they have to be able to work efficient, effective and engaged. That’s where Cybereason and Kahuna Managing Security step in.  

If you want to learn more about hacker’s behavior and how you can protect your company even more by staying ahead of your attackers: Attend our webinar Simulation Attack powered by Cybereason on the 9th of March and learn more about today’s attack campaigns and how you as a defender can gain the upper hand.

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