Protect your data and fight against ransomware

Last weekend we were all alarmed by the news of the global ransomware attack carried out by the prominent hacker group REvil. By breaching the Kaseya VSA software, they were able to hit countless other companies.  

It is clear that such ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In recent months, we have already heard about several large and impactful attacks. Such news calls for us to continue to improve our security. 

Part of a ransomware attack is stealing and encrypting data. The attackers will look for valuable data to increase the chances of paying the ransom. It is therefore important to protect data and minimize the chance of it being stolen and encrypted.  

The Varonis Data Security Platform can help you protect your data and give you timely notification of threats. This platform helps from prevention to recovery, by classifying data, recognising strange behaviour, stopping attacks through automated response and providing a forensic overview. 

Recently, we wrote an article about ransomware in which we answered the question whether the ransom should be paid. This article also showed that, regardless of whether or not payment is made, it is important to take a good look at the cybersecurity landscape after the attack to see what can be improved to better protect against a new attack. 

For now, it seems that the impact of this recent attack in the Netherlands is still relatively small, but there is still much uncertainty about the exact consequences. Although they may be small, the attack once again underlines the vulnerability of all of us worldwide and therefore requires action.  

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