Keeping up in the cloud

Getting around in the cloud is a tough job. There are many vulnerabilities that we know of that can cause serious damage to your organization, but these are most probably just the tip of the iceberg. It’s up to you to track them down and manage them in a correct manner. During our ‘Patch the Cloud’ event hosted in the stadium of Feyenoord, we would like to give you more insight on how to use the cloud in a safe way and discuss solutions and services that can be very helpful for your organization.

Many companies today are (partly) operating in the cloud. For a security team, it is of course important to secure this environment that contains some, or maybe all, of your organization’s crown jewels. However, doing so might be very difficult and overwhelming.

Something that we encounter in many organizations is missing patches. This is one of the greatest vulnerabilities today. Hackers know how to make use of this vulnerability and won’t hesitate to do so. Besides that, it is a huge responsibility to design a secure cloud environment that gives the right insights into your company’s vulnerabilities and assets, let alone being compliant with the latest standards.

In the end, we all understand that Patch Management is a time-consuming and critical task that can be a struggle for many organizations to execute well and at the right pace and scale that is required today.

Kahuna is committed to helping our clients perform the job. Our cloud services are supported by different vendor lines and provide you more insight and control over your cloud environment. Find out more during our ‘Patch the Cloud’ event on the 8th of April sponsored by Qualys.

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