Kahuna Racing Team

Dutch motorsport talent Loris Veneman signs multi-year contract with new main sponsor Kahuna Managing Security.

With 2 Dutch and 1 European title in his pocket in the junior classes, the moment has arrived for Loris Veneman to further develop himself in the Northern Talent Cup #roadtomotogp.

The Northern Talent cup is a class set up by Dorna to guide and develop the greatest racing talents from Northern Europe to move on to the big international competitions. The confirmation for a permanent start in this talent cup came at the end of January 2021. Loris achieved this start partly due to a strong wildcard performance in the Czech town of Brno in 2020. The Northern Talent Cup is ridden on 250cc KTM moto3 motorcycles and the calendar is formed around the MotoGP & IDM racing calendar where the home races at the TT of Assen are of course a great first.

Motorsport is in a fast-developing and efficient environment, performing under pressure where every hundredth of a second count. This fact was one of the reasons for Daniel Van Slochteren, CEO of Kahuna Managing Security, to commit himself as the main sponsor to Loris Veneman for the coming racing seasons and to support the young talent on his route towards the top.

“Although there are major differences between motorsport and cybersecurity, there are also many similarities. Just think about data correlation and analysis with the goal of becoming faster, better, and safer! In addition, we as Kahuna Managing Security work closely with the Technical University of Valencia and thus there are many young talents working in our company. Like Loris Veneman, we also have international ambitions. We are all looking forward to this cooperation” said Daniel van Slochteren.

The Kahuna Racing Team will be active in the Northern talent Cup with driver Loris Veneman in 2021.