International day of the Internet: 29 October

Today we celebrate one of the most important inventions in history: the Internet.

Since October 29th 2005, the International day of the Internet was created to celebrate the unity that connected human kind more than ever; it has changed our lives forever. However, the Internet is under attack and used in dangerous ways. Think about (Spear) Phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, ransomware and malware. A lot of data is out there and used by cybercriminals to target different organisations.

Furthermore, Ajit Pai, the current FCC Chairman appealed net neutrality in 2017. This appeal gave internet service providers the ability to block, throttle traffic to, or provide a fast line to any site or service they want. The fight is still going in 2020.

Let’s take a brief moment to celebrate the people who helped build the internet and reflect on our internet behaviour so we can keep enjoying it.

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