Head in the clouds or stuck in the sand?

In the past months, a rapid shift to the cloud is made by many organizations. It is the security team’s job to make this new environment as safe as possible. Unfortunately, it appears that many organizations aren’t there yet. Get a unique live hands-on virtual experience of the Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma™ Cloud solution, while enjoying a tasty home-delivered pizza, during our webinar ‘Capture the Flag’ on the 19th of March powered by Palo Alto Networks. 

Recent global research by Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks’ threat intelligence team, showed that identity misconfigurations in the cloud are vulnerable and can easily lead to a security incident. When the researchers tested a customer’s environment two techniques, Misconfigured IAM Trust Policy and Lateral Movement and Privilege Escalation, enabled them to enter the organization’s secure environment. Apparently, many more organizations have such misconfigurations that make them an interesting target for cybercriminals.

A worldwide analysis showed that many companies make use of administrative rights in cloud environments, give non-corporate accounts access to cloud resources, do not manage access keys correctly and do not make use of two-factor authentication. These issues make an organization more vulnerable than necessary. 

IAM governance should be a critical aspect of cloud security and some key steps can help you to secure your organization’s cloud environment. It is for example important to minimize administrator credentials, enable MFA and configure a strong password policy.  

Kahuna is here to help secure your cloud. Together with Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma™ Cloud, a comprehensive cloud native security platform, we enable you to make use of your cloud as safe as possible. 

Pizza time!

Join our webinar ‘Capture the Flag’ on the 19th of March and get to know this solution while attacking your pizza!

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