As you may have read in recent news topics, more and more often are companies being attacked by cybercriminals. We as well are observing a sharp increase in extortion-driven DDoS attacks used by cybercriminals.

Clients have to pay in bitcoins or are being attacked. Our strategic partner Akamai, reports that Armada Collective, Cozy Bear, Fancy Bear, and the Lazarus Group are active and carry out attacks with large bandwidths (varying between 50Mb/s and 2Tb/s), highlighted by a 1.44 Tbps DDoS attack successfully mitigated in June 2020. ​​

Organizations without a DDoS mitigation strategy in place will be left with two choices — pay the ransom or risk unexpected downtime. Follow these steps to minimize the risk of an extortion-driven DDoS attack on your organization:

  1. Do not feed the Bears (fancy or otherwise)
  2. Bring in the mitigation experts
  3. Let the DDoS games begin
  4. Switch up your security posture
  5. Revisit your DDoS playbook

For more detailed information, visit the Battle Checklist landing page or how to create a DDoS Protection Plan on our website.