Helping hospitals with cybersecurity

We help hospitals with cyber incidents

We help hospitals! By joining this great initiative, Kahuna contributes free of charge by offering help to all healthcare institutions in the Netherlands that need direct help in cybersecurity.

Cyber experts in the Netherlands find it incredible that criminals are exploiting the situation to attack healthcare institutions and healthcare providers digitally, while the Dutch healthcare sector is working so intensively to help all patients in these insane times of the Corona crisis. This must stop!

Hospitals are there for us. We are here to help hospitals in case of cyber incidents.

Anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

Hospitals can call, email, or chat with WHZ. The initiators of WHZ will first complete a simplified intake process. First-line questions will be dealt with immediately. Second-line questions, i.e. the more complex problems, and incidents will be shared immediately with Z-Cert, the expertise center for cybersecurity in healthcare. The concrete request for help will then be shared in an app group with all the cybersecurity companies involved. In this group, it will be decided who will pick up the incident. The incident is then transferred to the cybersecurity company and they are responsible for further communication and handling of the incident.