Tips to use email securely

We see it as our duty to warn you for the number of (Spear) Phishing attacks that have increased worldwide in the last months. Cybercriminals have already successfully exploited the tumultuous pace surrounding forced corporate reorganizations.

In any case, make sure that all devices and applications are up-to-date and install a strong antivirus with a phishing feature or an advanced E-mail Protection Solution. Keep in mind, 90% of all data breaches stem from a lack of attention when using e-mail.

Tips for dealing with a (Spear) Phishing e-mail:
  • Always check the sender: a strange email-address is often an indication of phishing. The part after the ‘@ sign’ must end with the right domain name. Good: Wrong:
  • Never just open a link or attachment: Malicious links and attachments can contain malware when having, for example, the following extensions: zip, .exe, .js, .lnk, .wsf, .scr, and .jar.
  • Never provide your personal information.
  • A password manager can be useful: it stores multiple passwords for different websites. Criminal then cannot access all your accounts when stealing one password.
  • Watch for language errors: phishing e-mails regularly contain language and typing errors.
  • No personal greeting: Please pay attention when greetings as “dear customer” or “dear relationship” are used.
  • Check whether you are already an existing customer or if you have registered for something.
  • Phishing e-mails are increasingly difficult to distinguish from legitimate e-mails. When in doubt, always report to your IT-department.

If you are interested in an advanced E-mail Protection Solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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