Working securely from home

Secure your way of working during COVID-19

First of all, we would like to emphasize that Kahuna has an incredible amount of admiration for all the measures taken by our customers to ensure that their businesses can continue as usual despite all the constraints imposed.

Kahuna has also ensured that our own employees can work safely from their home environment, in order to guarantee the continuity and safety of our services. The chance that we have to let our employees work from their home environment for a longer period of time is still very realistic.

The steps we took, were enabled from our environment in a fast, safe and responsible manner. We can imagine that it is a difficult and drastic task for your organization to offer a scalable remote work option to all your employees. Before this pandemic, you probably had never taken into account that you would be forced to take these extensive measures. In the meantime, you also have to think about how to achieve everything safely.

From experience gained, we have listed a number of important questions that could apply to your organization to consider and ensure the quality and, especially, the safety of your digital work environment:

  • Are my employees used to working from home?
  • Are they aware of the risks?
  • Are we already running remote awareness campaigns?
  • Is the number of online orders increasing rapidly?
  • Does this suddenly change our business model?
  • How secure is our website/web shop?
  • How secure is the portal to which our employees log on?
  • Are we sure the person who logs on remotely is specifically that person? (Enable MFA/2FA)
  • Are my employees able to recognize and report phishing attempts even when they work from home?

We wish you strength, good courage and the adaptability to get through this unprecedented period as undamaged and stable as possible. If you need advice on any of the topics above, know that the Kahuna’s are here for you, even in times like these. Anytime, anywhere.

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